Fishing Report January 2008

Marlin fishing this month has been the best anyone has seen. Through Jan. 27th, with still 4 fishing days left -we fished 8 groups and have caught 30 marlin so far. Also a lot of large dolphin, mullet snapper, cubera snapper, sailfish and have caught 17 tuna over 100 lb. with the biggest at 240lb.…


Fishing Report September 2007

I was lucky enough to spend four days on the water at Panama Big Game this September taking pictures for New Jersey boys Ron Torkas and Joe Ozalas. Wahoo to 50 lbs. were everywhere. I lost count early on. Small yellow fin tuna were hitting on top water—exciting action! Lots of small dorado, yellow snapper,…


Fishing Report June 2007

One of the translations for the word Panama is variety. Whoever originated this translation must certainly have been a fisherman. After broad experiences in Central and South America, it must be said that for variety, Panama ranks among the best that the hemisphere has to offer. This was my third trip to the Panama Big…


Fishing Report April 2007

We had very good inshore fishing all month, rooster fish, cubera snapper, mullet snapper, amber jack, broom tail grouper, blue jack and wahoo. The off shore was a little slow the first of the month but yellow fin tuna and marlin came on strong. Allot of yellow fin tuna over 200 lb. with 5 yellow…


Fishing Report March 2007

We started off with a group coming to us from Germany: blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, 1 over 250 lbs., cuberra snapper, rock snapper, yellow snapper, mullet snapper, wahoo, amber jack and dorado – was about as good as it can get. The next group only had 1 full day off shore…


Fishing Report January 2007

January was a great month with 4 out of five groups catching Marlin.6 blue marlin, 3 black marlin allot of sailfish most over 100 lb., dorado, mullet snapper and cubrea snapper and a few wahoo but they are finishing up.
Captain Lee Campbell – Panama Big Game Fishing Club