Day tours and activities in Chiriquí

Our guests mostly come for the fishing but there is plenty more to keep you occupied if you’re not an avid fisherman, or wish to take a break from the water for the day. The Gulf of Chiriquí offers the visitor a wide range of interesting attractions and fun activities, particularly in Boquete, which is located in the mountains not far from David. Activities include: zipling through the treetops, ATV or dune buggy tours exploring the jungle, jeep safaris to waterfalls, whitewater rafting and a round of golf on a championship course.

Tours and adventures in Chiriqui, Panama.

A thrilling four-hour ‘flight’ through the rainforest canopy at 3,500ft, this is a popular trip suitable for the whole family and individuals up-to 300lbs in weight. A dozen high-tension lines, tested by safety experts, zip you between the treetops of this primeval eco-environment to give you a fresh perspective of the fauna and flora. At times you are literally above the clouds, the ocassional light misty rain is a cooling alternative to a hot day on the ocean.

Tour price: $60 per person.

Zipline in Panama
ATV Expeditions

If you prefer terra-firma activities, a great way to experience the jungle is by ATV, exploring off-roads in the Jaramiilo mountains, where Boquete is located. You can opt for a one-hour burn on these 40 horsepower machines, or a full day, 30-mile excursion.

Tour price: $40-$119 per person.

Buggy racing

At a different location, the buggy racing is a great way to blow off some steam racing these four wheelers around an obstacle course for an hour (minimum driver age 16).

Tour price: buggy racing $20 per person

ATV & Buggy Rentals in Panama.
Jeep Safaris

These provide the most practical and comfortable means to variety of options or even a customized itinerary that can include: jungle, waterfalls, a coffee plantation, hot springs and even a summit to the volcano.

Tour price: $35-$125 per person

Jeep Safari in Panama.
Coffee Farm

A scheduled tour visiting a highland coffee plantation, learning how coffee is grown, harvested, roasted and graded, leaving you an expert in identifying good brews. It all takes place at 3,500ft, for a cool and refreshing experience, duration 3 hours.

Tour price: $30

Coffee Farm in Panama.
Whitewater Rafting

Enjoy an adrenalin-filled half or full day of grade II, III and IV rapids on the Chiriquí or Gariche and other rivers, among the highland jungle of this magnificent virginal rainforest. Experienced guides with safety approved gear, very early start! Overnight trips also available. Seasonal only.

Tour price: $55-$69.

Whitewater Rafting in Panama.
Rock Climbing & Rappelling

With routes for beginners, advanced and elite level climbers, there is something for everyone on this tour. Experience spectacular views, and on some tours rappel down 60 meters of sheer volcanic rock cliff-face!

Tour price: $35-$65

Rock climbing and rappelling in Panama.
Alouatta Sanctuary

This is a more sedate visit to a nature park dedicated to animal conservation and rehabilitation of the Alouatta (howler) monkey, set among 40 acres of pristine jungle with hiking trails. Here you get to meet species native to the area, and experience an educational tour of this facility, which is doing good things in the area.

Entrance fee: $20.

Alouatta Sanctuary in Panama.
Championship Course Golf days

1. Lucero Golf and Country Club

The 72-par 18 hole championship course in the exclusive Lucero Estate at elevation in Boguete, described by the Architect as one of the most visually stunning courses in Central America.

Prices: Lucero – 45$/$75 per 9/18 holes (caddie cart inclusive), $25/$35 club hire (9/18).

2. Valle Escondido Golf Resort and Spa

Or the more down-to-earth 9-hole course closer to us at the Valle Escondido Resort and Spa in David, which includes minigolf, tennis courts and a spa.

Prices: Valle Escondido – $40 (9 holes), $25 caddie cart, $12 club hire.

Note! There is a transfer cost to Boquete in our comfortable minibus or SUV pickup for these tours, as follows:

4-person vehicle:         $250
6-person vehicle:         $300
6+-person vehicle:       $350

Our transportation vehicles in Panama.

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