Panama Big Game Club Marine Conservation Statement

Panama Big Game Fishing Club (PBGFC) has a strict tag and release policy for all billfish and a NO-KILL policy for all Cubera Snapper, Shark, Snook and Roosterfish, we believe that if you kill a billfish “you leave a hole in the ocean”. If you agree with this statement, then you will understand why PBGFC was proud to be the first founding member of the Panama Marine Resource Foundation..

If you want to know why we should not kill all the fish, ask a child, since they know why; it’s the adults that don’t seem to understand. Marine conservation is self preservation! The beauty and enjoyment derived from our seas and oceans must be preserved for our children and our children’s children, otherwise “all the kings horses and all the kings men, will never be able to put our oceans and seas back together again.”

Signed Conservation Statement




Mark V Charman (Mr “C”)
President Panama Big Game Club and Resort

Mark & Karen in Panama
About the Panama Marine Resource Foundation
Panama Marine Resource

The Panama Marine Resource Foundation was started by a small group of international environmentally-concerned sport fishing enthusiasts, commercial fishing interests, marine conservationists, and concerned citizens living here in Panama and abroad. Our first meeting in David, Panama, in 2012 was attended by the governmental agencies, A.R.A.P. And A.N.A.M.  They are responsible for the marine resources here in Panama. The governmental agencies were joined by the top six sport fishing lodges here in the state of Chiriquí, marina operators, sporting goods dealers, hotels and and concerned citizens.

Panama Turtle Conservation
Panama Turtle Conservation

We have now established a licensed non-profit foundation within the United States and we are working on getting the same status here in Panama. The foundation is growing daily and picking up new members within Panama, and internationally. Corporations such as Suzuki Motors, Shimano America, Oakley, Rapala, King Sailfish Mounts and many more have become supporters of what we are trying to achieve.  Panama is a country with many fishing rules and regulations but little, if any, enforcement. Infringements within the waters of Panama occur daily as there is no organized marine patrol to enforce the existing or new proposed regulations.

Panama Turtle Conservation

Panama was originally known as “the land of abundant fish” in the old native languages. Over the years this has changed and we need help now. There are no license requirements, no size or daily catch regulations, no fishing seasons and no protected species here!  You can see that this is a blueprint for disaster. Man’s greed will always put Mother Nature on the short end of the stick. There is a one hundred million dollar sport-fishing industry here in Panama that cannot withstand the current pressure being applied to the marine environment. To keep Panama‘s waters and fishery in a sustainable manner we need your help and involvement.

The lodge and sport fishing industry has supported the PMRF. from the beginning and understands what they are trying to accomplish with our work. When selecting a lodge in the future, be sure to ask if they are members. We are an all-volunteer foundation dedicated to making things here in Panama and all of the Americas a better place in the future. People just sometimes sit back and hope someone else will take up the challenge we are facing, but you can be that person who can really help change the world.


Current PMRF Chairman: John Maynard (

See their website for more details. Support them by joining their Facebook group.

“My son has not stopped taking about it since he caught a 70 lb Wahoo and a 72-75 lb Rooster fish which had it been weighed on land scales would have broken the world record for junior angler but the fish was returned alive. This I might add is also a policy of the owner Mr.C. Quiet rightly to protect the areas fish stock.”
John and HenryEngland