Big Game Fishing Tackles and Lures

Custom Tackle & Lures for Big Game Fishing in PanamaWe’ve equipped our fleet of boats with the very best game fishing rods, reels and tackle that money can buy. Rods are custom made especially for us by Melton, and reels are Shimano Stellar SW-X Concept for in-shore popping, and Shimano Tiagra 30W, 50W and 80W, (lever drag) cold forge aluminium reels for deep sea trolling.

Historically, this part of Panama has been a ‘live bait’ fishery, but after the new owner, ‘Mr. C’, bought the club in May 2011 and introduced the ‘Panama Big Game Custom Lures’, they now account for 50 per cent of the billfish catches.

These custom lures have revolutionised the way we fish in ‘Jurassic Park’, and we’ve had them specially made from the finest materials, making them virtually indestructable and lasting longer without losing their sheen (i.e. their fish attraction). As a note of interest, they are made by an ex-surgeon who’s failing eyesight prompted him to turn a lifelong hobby into a thriving business, producing custom lures for the world’s top tournament fishing teams.

‘Bait-and-switch’ is a popular technique for billfish, where hook-less teasers are trolled behind the boat and once a billfish surfaces behind the lure, the mate then pitches either a live of dead bait back but this time with a circle hook in the bait and pulls the teaser away. The strikes are usually very explosive.

We also fish jigs and top water poppers/plugs for Yellowfin Tuna, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper and other inshore game fish. This is one of the most popular forms of fishing for our Brazilian and Japanese clients, who spend hours casting poppers from the popping stations installed at the bow of all our boats.

Fishing Rods and Lures for Panama Big Game Fishing
Fishing Rods and Lures for Panama Big Game Fishing
SW Concept Fishing Rods and Lures for Panama Big Game Fishing
Fishing Reel and Lures for Panama Big Game Fishing
Panama Big Game Custom Lures – Technical Features:
Lurs & Tackles for Big Game Fishing in Panama.
Custom Lures & Tackles in Panama.
  • Hand made perfectly balanced lure head inserts
  • Keel weighted inserts on all slant-faced lures
  • Highly sought jewelry grade natural abalone (this material in direct sunlight will
  • reproduce silvery flashes given off by live baitfish)
  • Lure heads cured in pressure sensitive molds
  • Lures are subject to high temperatures for durability
  • Materials offer high U.V. resistance qualities
  • Lure heads will not crack, break, or chip under normal big game fishing usage.
  • Soft flex tubing all the way through the lure protects your mono fishing line from nicks
  • Over 31 lures in the collection tested globally and guaranteed to produce fish in any ocean
  • Assembled using only the finest materials
  • Top grade stainless steel hooks
  • Top grade stainless steel 49 strand
  • Top grade copper crimps, aluminum sleeves
  • Top grade fluorocarbon leader
  • Top grade stainless steel thimbles, and springs
  • Custom embroidered pbgfc bags and accessories

Each boat is fully equipped with auxillary equipment for landing fish, and setting lines, with IGFA approved scales.

“Everything you would want in a 5 star fishing resort is here at Panama Big Game Fishing Club. The accommodation, meals, boats, fishing tackle and facilities are outstanding. Mr “C” your staff are just fantastic!.”
Keith VallabhNew Zealand